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Ahh, Gears Of War, the game that took six-foot-tall mean with arms like thighs and thighs like trees, dressed them in enough armour plate to make a tank nervous, gave them guns with chainsaws attached to them and tried to make us care about them.

And succeeded. (Eventually)

Bromance and shattered families aside, the first Gears of War was a massive leap forward for third person shooters, by building a cover system that actually worked, Epic Games started a trend back in 2006 that continues to this day, the phrase “Take cover, or die” has been thrown around through the Trilogy quite liberally, fact is, it’s dead on. The Locust (the subterranean enemy forces) are tough as nails, damn good marksmen, and generally terrifying when you start to throw Beserkers, (nine foot tall blind humanoid creatures that charge at you with the force of a battering ram with arms) Corpsers (giant spider-like creatures that tunnel through the ground and crush people and vehicles alike with their enormous limbs) and Brumaks (the only way I can describe a Brumak is to suggest that you imagine a giant dinosaur with cannons, machine guns and armour strapped to every available space)

The Lancer, (the flagship weapon of the series) is a high power assault rifle fitted with a chainsaw bayonet, the rounds punch through enemies with ease and even the kick from the recoil feels solid. Now the chainsaw; it’s love at first bite, the first time you hold down the magic B button and barrel into a locust, you can’t help but grin like a maniac as Marcus carves through his foe, chainsaw screaming and blood spraying.

I think the lancer is definitely one of the legs that the series stands on, when you combine that with cutting edge graphics, a story that genuinely stands up on its own, (read the books!) and a colourful array of characters that you just can’t help but love, it’s no wonder that the series has been such a massive success.

You can pick up Gears of War for a few quid at your local game store now, so if you haven’t played it, give it a shot!

Fire up your lancer, bare your teeth, and get ready for war..


One response

  1. Darkwench

    guys with legs like trees….I like it!

    June 13, 2012 at 11:38 am

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